Report Street Light Issues

Street lights are vital to our everyday lives, lighting the way for drivers and pedestrians. Oncor has approximately 400,000 street lights in its service area, and we always appreciate your help identifying lights that are in need of repair. The sooner our Oncor teams know lights are out, the sooner we can get them fixed!
Standard repairs can take up to three weeks, but we try to get the job done in five days or less.
Also, don’t forget—safety first! Never put yourself in harm’s way when noting street light outages.

Quick steps to report a street light issue online:

Mobile User -
1. After clicking the above link, click “OK” to allow your current location to be used. (Go to Step 3)

Personal Computer-
2. Use the [ + ] or [ – ] buttons to zoom in or out and locate the light, or click on the Search Button in the upper left corner to enter the address of a pole or a specific pole number.

3. Click on light to report. Select OK.

4. A drop-down box on the next screen displays a pull-down list of issues to choose from and a “comments” section allows for further detail.

5. Select “continue” then enter your name, phone number and email address to be notified of a completed repair or, if it is necessary, to contact you for additional information. Please indicate your preferred method of communication.

6. Once complete; select “submit outage.”

Street light outages can also be reported by calling 888-313-4747.