Employment Opportunities

City of Arp Public Works

Arp Police Department                    Please open the Arp PD Application and PHS and fill in the blanks. After all blanks are filled, complete the remainder after printed.

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  • City of Arp Public Works applications can be       submitted electronically to t.pritchett@cityofarptx.net or by using the Water & Utilities App Upload
  • Arp Police Department Applications can be submitted electronically to j.keegan@cityofarptx.net or by using the Police Department App Upload

Authorization & Certification

I authorize the City of Arp, at the time of my application for employment or during the course of employment, to obtain information from any source as to my education, experience, character, financial or credit record as it relates to the position for which I am being considered, or in which I may be employed. I certify that my statements in the application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand any falsification or omission of information may bar me from the examination, may result in the removal of my name from the eligible list, or if I have been appointed, may cause my dismissal. I also agree that all statements made on this application may be investigated.

Immigration Reform Act

The Immigration Reform Act of 1986 requires both identity and eligibility for employment proof within three days of employment.


Complete the application and list the job you are applying for on the application. In addition, some jobs indicate a resume and/or cover letter is required. Please include a resume and/or cover letter with the application to be considered for the job.

Note: Incomplete applications may be rejected.