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School Resource Officer

The Arp PD S.R.O. is a liaison between the city and Arp I.S.D. The S.R.O. is charged with providing a safe and secure learning environment for the children attending the Arp I.S.D. schools. While handling calls for service that arise at school facilities and properties, enforcing traffic laws on the streets surrounding the schools, investigating crimes. The S.R.O also fulfills some administrative duties that are associated with the potion.


The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling all areas within the city limits of Arp. Patrol answers calls for service, as well as investigating crimes, warrant service, enforcing traffic laws, city ordinances. The APD Patrol Division is proactive in the approach to resolving crime concerns and quality of life issues facing the community. Seeking to provide solutions to the challenges within the community. Committed to providing excellent quality police services to the City of Arp.

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The Warrant Division focuses on the administration, management, and execution of all warrants issued out of the City of Arp Police Department. The Warrant Division as a courtesy to all persons with a warrant mails out a pink notice. If the defendant does not attempt to respond to settle the warrant, then the Warrant Division will pursue all possible means to locate and arrest the individual