City Administrative Staff

City Secretary

The City Secretary is an officer of the city who is accountable for the administration, monitoring and compliance of services and functions which are legally mandated by ordinances, City Charter, and applicable state laws. The City Secretary serves to enhance public participation in municipal government and safeguard the democratic process through transparent open government and open records. The City Secretary is also responsible for Elections, City Council Administrative Support, City Council Services.

City Secretary Contact Information

Tracey Pritchett
109 W. Longview
Arp, TX, 75750

Phone ....... 903.859.6131
Email .........

Court Clerk

The Court Clerk is an officer of the Arp Municipal Court System, an administrative worker, who is responsible for maintaining court records with the utmost care and security. The City of Arp Court Clerk takes on a variety of daily tasks that are a fundamental part of the judicial system. As well as responsibilities vital to City Hall day to day operation. 

Court Clerk Contact Information

Dania Robinson
109 W. Longview
Arp, TX, 75750

Phone ...... 903.859.6131
Email ........